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Box of Hello There!

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Cute Food Photos - Cute Bento

Submitted by: DC via Submission Page

I know many of you love bento boxes. You’ve requested pictures of bento boxes. And I, as your cartwheeling wizard of adorable mouth ’splosions, have been on the hunt. So check this picture out: it’s a  bento box on a mission to be cute. It’s determined to wow you with smirks, winks, and lil’ pink noses.

Personally, I love bento boxes. At least, from a strictly culinary point-of-view. They are a whimsical, charming way to eat a meal that is full of detail and surprises. I had never thought of them as ”cute,” but I think I get it. Especially this special box. In the future I will be on the look out for these little dollhouses of pinchworthy morsels.

Cutelicious Rating: 6.5